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Marty Daniels DVD
Country Roads & Irish Hearts


Price : £ 10.00

Product code : ShaDVD134

Features Marty with Tony Hughes Brian Magee & Trevor Moyles

Under Your Spell Again (MARTY)
The Boys In Blue (TONY)
Darling Let's Turn Back The Years (BRIAN)
I'm A Little Bluer Than That (MARTY)
May The Road Rise To Meet You (TONY)
You Send Me Your Love (BRIAN)
Living On Love (MARTY)
Noreen Bawn (TONY)
You're Always There For Me (BRIAN)
Wind-Up Doll (TONY)
The Door Is Always Open (BRIAN)
Patches (TONY)
Please Don't Bury Me (TREVOR)
Your Old Letters (MARTY)
Just Walk On By (MARTY)

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