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Kieran McGilligan CD
Waltzing An Angel Tonight


Price : £ 10.00

Product code : SHACD109

Left to right or right to wrong?.. Healing Hands of time?.. I never once stopped loving you?.. Settle for old Ireland etc.

1. You Lied To Me
2. That's The Way I Feel
3. Waltzing An Angel Tonight
4. The B-Bop Cat
5. Left To Right Or Right To Wrong
6. I'll Settle For Old Ireland
7. This Lonely Bed I've Made
8. Is My home Still Up There
9. The 'She Just Left Me Lounge'
10. On The Wings Of A Dove
11. Healing Hands Of Time
12. Love Put A Song In My Heart
13. The Borderline Of Galway And Mayo
14. I Never Once Stopped Loving You

Front cover