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Gene Stuart CD
A Place In The Country


Price : £ 10.00

Product code : RBCD150

The Gypsy lady and the wandering Hobo,The Girl In My Hometown, Field of Flowers, Happy In Her Home Sweet Home and many more.

1. Farewell Marie (My Own True Love)
2. Lost Along The Way
3. Oklahoma Twister
4. Till Then
5. My Carolina Home
6. A Place In The Country
7. The Gypsy Lady & The Wandarin' Hobo
8. The Piper
9. The Girl In My Hometown
10. May The Bird Of Paradise (Fly Up Your Nose)
11. The One On The Right
12. We Met In A Field Of Flowers
13. She'll Be Happy In Her Home Sweet Home
14. Back Where It's At

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