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Trevor Dixon CD


Price : £ 12.00

Product code : DIXVOL3

Last date - Trevor
Lover please - Jenna and Trevor
Good Christian soldier - Trevor
Cottage by the sea - Alistar Coyles
Listen to the children - Jenna
Picture of your mother - Trevor
Memory Number one - Patsy Harte
Irish medley - John Nelson
Honky tonk season - Gene Stuart
Sunday mornin' comin' down - Trevor
When I dream - Trevor
Don't say you love me - Billy McFarland
Old Church hymns and nursery rhymes - Trevor
Down the Dixi Road - Trevor
The Isle of Innisfree -
You've got my number - Tracey Grant
My darling Kathleen - Farmer Dan
Love me - Jenna
It's time to pay the fiddler - Gene Stuart
The boy from Donegal - Farmer Dan
Lapaloma - Trevor
Absent friends - Patsy Harte
One - two - three - four. Jason Travers

Front cover